Top 10 Tequila Brands In India

Tequila is a drink of Mexican origin. The drink comprises mainly of blue agave plant.

India is a major outsourcing hub for this drink. It is quite popular with the elite younger age group in India as a party mood setter.

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If you are looking forward to having a party with exotic drinks and want a tequila brand for it, here is a list of the top 10 tequila brands in India.

1. Riazul Premium Anejo

If you are a fan of smooth sipping tequila, this is the brand to go for. With notes of caramel, vanilla and cinnamon, Riazul Premium Anejo stands out to be a delightful drink for any occasion.


Riazul Premium Anejo Price in India: 4000 for 750ml

ABV: 40%

2. Piedra Azul Reposado

This is one of the best tequila brand for cocktail. It has rich notes of caramel and vanilla which offers it a soft and smooth finish.

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Piedra Azul Reposado Price in India: 1200 for 750ml

ABV: 40%

3. Montejima Reposado

This one comes with fruity notes and a exotic flavour. You can either have it as a compliment  with a cocktail or enjoy it on its own.


Motejima Reposado Price in India: 3200 for 750ml

ABV: 40%

4. Blue Head Blanco

Made from 100% blue agave, this exotic tequila brand is light and smooth. It is one of the most exceptional tequila brands in India.


Blue Head Blanco Price in India: 2900 for 750ml

ABV: 40%

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5. XXX Siglo Treinta

XXX Siglo Treinta comes with hints of chocolates, vanilla and honey. The natural aroma of blue agave and the strong taste makes it one of the best brands for tequila lovers in India.

XXX-Siglo-Treinta tequila
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XXX Siglo Treinta Price in India: 2400 for 750ml

ABV: 40%

6. Asombroso Silver

This tequila brand is one of the perfect brand for tequila lovers who look for a fuller taste. Besides the richer and fuller palate, you can find notes of spice and chocolate in it which adds to the taste and makes it unique.

Asombroso-Silver tequila
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Asom Broso Silver Price in India: 4000 for 750ml

ABV: 40%

7. El Agave Blanco

One of the affordable premium tequila brands at affordable price range, El Agave is triple distilled which gives it a smoothness unlike other brands.

El-Agave-Blanco tequila
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El Agave Blanco Price in India: 1600 for 750ml

ABV: 40%

8. U4RIK Anejo

This one offers a sweet floral taste that comes after storing it in oak barrels for two years. You can also find hints of spice while tasting this one-of-a-kind tequila.


U4RIK Anejo Price in India: 3000 for 750ml

ABV: 40%

9. El Capo Extra-Aged Anejo

You can find hints of dry fruit, chocolate and coffee in this tequila. It is stored for almost five years which makes it one of the most exquisite tequilas to taste.

El-Capo-Extra-Aged-Anejo tequila
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El Capo Extra-Aged Anejo Price in India: 8000 for 750ml

ABV: 40%

10. Gran Patron Burdeos

This is one of the costliest brands in the Indian market. Its adorable taste makes it a product of a different league. The maturing process of this tequila involves initial blending in American and French oak barrels and aging for at least one year. This gives the drink a refreshing taste and makes it one of the best.

Gran-Patron-Burdeos tequila

Gran Patron Burdeos Price in India: 42000

ABV: 40%