Best Vodka Brands In India With Price

One of the best alcoholic drink originating from Russia and Poland, vodka is certainly an alcohol lover’s delight. In India, vodka is more popular with the youth compared to drinkers of other age groupsbest vodka glasses in India

There are very few brands in India which manufacture vodka. Most of it comes from foreign market. The imported vodkas, of course, come with a higher price tag.


In this post you are going to find the prices of the most popular vodka brands in India. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Here, in no particular order, are the best vodka brands in the country with details and pricing.

1. Absolut

Absolut vodka has a cult status among the vodka brands not just in India, but the world. If you want to get a taste of authentic Swedish vodka, this is the brand to go for.

Absolut vodka

Absolut Price in India: ₹ 2000 For 750ml (approx.)

ABV: 40%

2. Magic Moments

Magic Moments is one of the earliest brands in the vodka market of India. Since its launch, it has easily become one of the favourite vodka brands of Indians.

Magic Moments vodka

Magic Moments Price in India: ₹ 586 for 750ml (approx.)

ABV: 37.5%

3. White Mischief

White Mischief is another great choice for vodka lovers in India. Preferred mostly by college students because of its pocket friendly price, this brand is going to stay for a long time in the Indian market.

White Mischief vodka

White Mischief Price in India: ₹ 455 for 750ml (approx.)

ABV: 42.8%

4. Belvedere


best vodka glasses in India

A favourite of the high-end vodka lovers, this vodka brand has an exquisite taste which makes it worth the price. You can find this vodka in three variants – Belvedere Red, Belvedere Silver and Belvedere Intense.

Belvedere vodka

Belvedere Price in India: ₹ 2000 For 750ml (approx.)

ABV: 40%

5. Fuel

This is one of the best vodka brands in India owing to its unique taste and interesting brand name. It has a smooth feel to it and goes well with aerated drinks of any sort.

Fuel vodka

Fuel vodka Price in India: ₹525 for 750ml (approx.)

ABV: 42.8%  

6. Grey Goose

Grey Goose has been the recipient of many prestigious awards. This is one of a class vodka brand and you might consider having it only during special occasions.

Grey Goose vodka

Grey Goose Price in India: ₹ 6000 for 750ml (approx.)

ABV: 40%

7. Romanov

This is one of the most popular brands among the Indian youth. The vodka brand is manufactured and branded by United Spirits Limited. With 42.8% ABV, this brand is marketed in three variants – Premium, Orange, Lemon and Apple.Romanov vodka

Romanov vodka Price in India: ₹310 for 750ml (approx.)

ABV: 42.8%

These were some of the best vodka brands in India. While it is true that this is not a comprehensive list, I have tried my best to list out some of the most popular vodka brands in the country.

Hope you find this post helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you very much for reading. And, don’t forget to bookmark the site for regular updates.